Legal assistance in business activities

  • Comprehensive legal assistance and advice in the scope of formation, transformation and liquidation of various business entities (commercial companies, investment funds, associations, foundations, etc.),
  • Complex legal assistance and advice in various business activities (commercial contracts, corporate issues, labor law, legal advice for governing and supervising bodies of commercial companies and partnerships, etc.),
  • Legal assistance at general shareholders’ meetings and general assemblies of companies and partnerships,
  • Legal advice in the course of various corporate conflicts,
  • Legal assistance and representation in various civil lawsuits and commercial lawsuits,
  • Legal assistance and representation in proceedings before administrative authorities and administrative courts,
  • Comprehensive legal advice in various transactions of debt restructurization, corrective proceedings, insolvency proceedings and various procedures concerned with liquidation of business activities,
  • Legal advice in various matters of property insurance.

Legal assistance in transactions on capital market

  • Comprehensive assistance in capital market transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), transformations, divisions of commercial companies and partnerships, particularly inclusive of:
    • conducting various legal audits (due diligence),
    • elaboration of complex legal documentation of transactions,
    • legal analysis and estimation of legal and tax risks,
    • concept advice, preparation and adjustment of transaction structures to individual requirements of the clients,
    • tax optimization of transactions,
    • organization of the process of formation and restructurization of companies and partnerships as well as creation of other forms of conducting business activities in countries providing advantageous tax solutions (Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, etc.),
  • Comprehensive assistance in manager incentive schemes and issuing various types of securities,
  • Legal advice in various asset restructurization processes and alterations in the amount of share capital,
  • Legal assistance and representation in various matters of competition and concentration of entrepreneurs (proceedings before President of Office for Protection of Competition and Consumers).

Legal assistance in construction projects

  • Comprehensive legal assistance for participants of construction project on its all stages,
  • Preparation of documentation and conducting negotiations leading to conclusion of various contracts on construction works in all configurations (including project management contracts, subcontracts, contracts on investor’s substitution, contracts on investor’s supervision, etc.), including contracts drafted according to FIDIC and ORGALIME standards,
  • Legal advice in execution of various contracts related to construction projects,
  • Legal representation in all kinds of courts and administrative proceedings concerned with construction projects.

Legal assistance in transactions on real estate market

  • Comprehensive legal assistance in various transactions on the real estate market, particularly inclusive of:
    • analysis of legal and tax risks,
    • valuation of market value of real estate and providing statements of valuation,
    • elaboration of real estate sale agreements, lease agreements, land tenancy agreements,
    • tax optimization of transactions,
  • Legal advice in the process of renting commercial area in real estates,
  • Legal advice in the process of obtaining financing for real estate investments.

Legal assistance in the scope of property insurance law

  • Comprehensive legal advice concerning matters in the scope of property insurance law, including those concerning motor insurances (thirty party liability, auto casco), particularly inclusive of:
    • pre-trial advice and consultancy, selection and preparation of effective strategy of vindication of insurance reimbursements,
    • elaboration of legal opinions in the scope of various matters concerned with property insurance law,
    • legal representation of policyholders and insured in civil law suits against insurers.

Tax law counseling in business activities

  • Comprehensive legal advice  in the scope of various tax law issues concerned with ordinary course of business, including verification of right qualification of income and costs,
  • Tax law analysis of concluded business contracts and preparation of amendments resulting in limitation of negative tax impacts and drafting of new contracts,
  • Tax law analysis of mergers & acquisitions (M&A), capital restructurizations and liquidation of business entities,
  • Comprehensive planning of investments aimed at reduction of tax burdens, also with implementation of international holding structures,
  • Tax law counseling in the scope of capital investments, including legal tax analysis of consequences of aquisitions and transfers of securities and other financial instruments,
  • Assistance in the process of obtaining official tax law interpretations.